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Rosehaven Alpacas is proud to be able to offer a reliable and proven herd guard service. Our animals are proven guards and we work closely with clients to create a package of animals that will suit their needs. We are able to provide proven guards for lease or sale at highly competitive prices.

Alpacas have proven ability to protect various types of flocks as well as sheep. They have been used successfully in many diverse roles such as reducing wallaby numbers in Olive Groves, protecting free range chooks and guarding rabbit breeding programmes.

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We provide a guarantee with every animal sold or leased that he will work effectively as a herd guard or will be replaced at no cost. The animal husbandry needs of any leased herd guard will be undertaken by Rosehaven Alpacas throughout the period of the lease.

Rosehaven Alpacas can deliver herd guards to site or arrange for their collection from our conveniently located property at Haven on the outskirts of Horsham.

Important Advice About Herd Guards

Guardian alpacas need to be fully matured (2-3 years) and wethered. Entire males may bother the ewes and cause problems. They need to be in good health and have reliable proof of vaccinations and drenching (same as for sheep). The seller should offer a guarantee that the wether will do his job or offer a replacement or your money back. Sheep farmers will usually want white alpacas to avoid the possibility of coloured fibre contamination. Needless to say you should only buy from a reputable breeder with a track record of supplying wethers for guarding purposes.

The number of wethers required will depend on the number of sheep to be guarded and the area to be covered. Two wethers usually work best together in a mob of around 250-400 sheep. When problems do occur, it is either because the flock is far too large in relation to the number of guard alpacas or the paddocks are too large for the alpacas to monitor everything at once. It works very well if you rotate the flock and the alpacas into a number of smaller paddocks on a regular basis.

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