Rosehaven Alpaca Stud

Producers of Fine Fleeces and a Superior Genetic Breeding Program

Alpacas need to be shorn annually.  Spring is great, just before the grass seeds mature and contaminate the fleece.

You are welcome to either bring your Alpaca’s to our Stud for shearing or we can come to your property.

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Use our online enquiry form to book your shearing and we’ll get back to you with confirmation and details

As well as shearing we will :

  • Check and Cut toenails
  • Check and if needed trim teeth:
  • Administer routine injections.  Please note though we are not vets, we do not prescribe, we only give any medication on your behalf.
  • Notify you of any health or welfare issues that we become aware of with your animal.

What you need to provide:

  • Alpacas, penned in an area close to where we will be working, an area easily accessible to our vehicle
  • Power – we can bring a generator if the shearing area is a long way from the supply, but we need to know in advance.
  • Helpers.  Help with the fleece collection and with loading and unloading animals.
  • Bags for fleece – Plastic rubbish bags are fine

Prices quoted may increase as a result of the following factors:

  • Excessive fleece.  We expect to shear an animal with just a year’s fleece growth.  We will shear animals with more fleece, but as they tend to take a lot longer and substantially increase wear and tear on equipment there will be an additional charge.
  • Catching or managing your animals.  We like to find animals penned in an area adjacent to the place where we will be shearing.  Catching, penning or moving animals across yards or paddocks is not included in any price quoted.